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My name is Jon Simo and I'm the creator of Neon Demon Studio.

I wanted to create a space full of colour, my very own dream studio that I could share with fellow creatives. As a cinematographer and photographer I took a very technical approach to the space, making it as multi-functional and fun to shoot in as possible.

I found a studio space in January of 2018 and spent the next 6 months completely transforming the blank white walls and empty canvas into the neon playground that it is today. There are over 40 neon signs in here, I spent much of my time scouring craigslist, estate sales, eBay, junkyards, I would even walk into storefronts and ask if their neon was for sale! I officially opened to doors to shoots in late May 2018.

Neon Demon is constantly evolving, I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting sources of colour, cinematic scenes, visually interesting props and of course, as much neon as I can fit into one space. For news/media inquiries shoot me an email, I'm always thrilled to tell my story.

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